Email Address Valuation

Measuring the value of an email address to your business is more than measuring open and clickthrough rates. Where offers are made within emails, that are likely to lead to a purchase or sale, real value (in terms of return on investment and revenue per email) can be measured and compared directly with other methods of promoting to your customers.

Having your customers' email addresses can provide you with two key benefits. Firstly, it can help you promote your products in a way that allows you to accurately measure the success of a campaign in real dollar terms Secondly, it provides a really low cost method of distributing product information and catalogues to your customers.

Use the Email Address Value calculator to work out how much an email address is worth to your business.

Average incremental revenue from each email
Average sales revenue generated purely from send an email offer to your customers.
Total per-customer Revenue from all Campaigns
The total average revenue per customer for all campaigns.
Direct Mail Costs per Customer per Year
Sending direct mail to your customers using traditional methods costs real money.
Based on the values you entered above, the cost associated with sending catalogues to your customer as reflected here.
Average Value of an Email Subscriber
Based on the values entered above, when customer gives you their email address, and allow you to
send them offers, they are creating value for you that can be directly associated to your bottom line.
Total List Value
This amount reflects how much your email list is potentially worth to you based on the values entered above.