In the world of Online Business and Internet Marketing knowing exactly what the numbers are is vital. Whether it's the number of returning visitors, a commercial value for your customer database, return on investment for a campaign or how many visits are generated out of social media or backlinks.

You'll find some useful online calculators on Solutions Answers Results for a variety of purposes.

Email Address Valuation

The Email Address Valuation Calculator will give you a snapshot value of your current database of email addresses. Very handy if you need to convince a hard core traditional marketer of the value in collecting email addresses and sending email newsletters.

Email Marketing Results

If you're not currently getting much in the way of metrics from your email marketing campaigns, then use the Email Marketing Results Calculator to give you a little more insight into how your campaigns are performing.

Website Valuation

When you're looking at an exit strategy you'll need to keep tabs on how every decision you make is impacting on the value of your Online Business. Use the Website Valuation Calculator to give you a quick snapshot of how you are tracking.