About Us

Solutions Answers Results - the Internet Marketing business with a High Tech History.

The story starts with parent company, Semantia Pty Ltd.

Started in 1992, Semantia develops Semantic Web software applications to assist large companies with complex problems, using fuzzy logic, artificial intelligence and interaction design to build software that is able to process data in a 'sort of human' way.

In 2007, a number of executives that were Semantia's customers, our friends, began changing their lives by leaving their jobs (creating their own "sea change") to start up their own ventures - everything from solopreneurs in home-based business enterprises to venture capital funded start-ups.

During this time there was a lot of change; particularly in the problems that people needed to have solved. It went from just solving highly technical machine problems to also being asked to solve more human problems, such as "What's the best way to get more people to visit my website?".

Which is why Solutions Answers Results was started. A business like Semantia that is focused on the problems of computers and machines communicating together isn't structured to be human behaviour focused. So a new business was started that could take some of the smart tech from Semantia and fuse it with the world of Psychology, Sales and Marketing and give real advice, workable solutions and that at the end of the day would result in the outcomes people are after.

Solutions Answers Results

It's mission is to provide solutions and answers to those questions and problems that focus on using technology, tactics and strategies all combined to achieve results that put money in your bank.

To put it another way, here you'll find information and other stuff that makes it easier for you to make money online.

If you've been around the Internet Marketing world for a while then by now you'll have realised that there are a huge number of different ways to make money online. You'll also know that some combinations of niche, tactic and technology are really hard work and others are really easy, just not as lucrative as you'd like.

This website is filled with information, examples and strategies to make the hard stuff easy and the easy stuff work harder so your get more money at the end of your month.

Who Comes Up with This Stuff?

Indra Chandon"When it comes to all things to do with Solutions Answers Results the buck stops with me."
- Indra Chandon

The articles that are published on Solutions Answers Results are written mostly by the technical and research team, there are a few that I've personally contributed, however mostly I'm responsible for editing and making sure that whatever is published actually teaches something.

You'll also hear and see me in some of the videos, and it's likely you'll end up either talking to me in person on the phone or via email if you choose to get in touch.

To give you a bit of background on who I am and why you might want to talk to me, here's a brief run down on what I'm about.

1996 was when I first started to build websites, intranets and web pages. I have a Master of Technology in Internet and Web Technology from RMIT and was given a fantastic opportunity by the University when I taught Web Page Construction and Internet & Intranet Document Engineering there.

The field of technology I enjoy most is in the area of Human Computer Interaction - this is where you get computers and software to work so that they're easy to use for people (think iPod), rather than what we usually get and that is computers and software that come with enormous manuals that take a lifetime to read and take a 5 second task and have it so that it takes 3 months to learn how to do it with the computer and the fastest you'll ever be able to do it with a computer is 68 seconds (think any type or brand of Accounting software).

What you get from me is someone who is able to bridge the gap between high tech jargon and everyday language, someone who can make the complex understandable for regular people with ideas or a desire to build an online business, just like you.

When you get through checking out this website, please consider leaving comments, submitting your feedback or sending me an email with your thoughts. Because without you, this website and what I contribute is meaningless if you get nothing out of it. Thank you.